Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization established in Wisconsin with the mission of promoting literacy and a love for reading.

The organization is about creating “take a book, return a book” exchange locations where communities can gather and share books and stories.

According to the website, the most common version is a small wooden box of books where anyone may take a book or bring a book to share. That's the "personal touch" of these little libraries -- it's real people sharing their favorite books with their community.

The goal is to grow as big as possible. So far, there are about 40,000 little libraries worldwide, according to the website.

Many are right here in the Valley.

Here's a list of a few places in the Valley where you can find a Little Free Library near you:


*907 E. Mountain Vista Drive (This location has had quite the story.)

*2601 E. Thunderhill Place

*4700 E Warner Road

*5130 E. Warner Road

*127 W. Granada Road

*1636 N 11th Avenue

*1606 W. Wilshire Drive

*513 W. Wilshire Drive

*2501 N. 8th Street

*2238 N. Mitchell Street

*2239 N 12th Street

*1321 E. Monte Vista Road

*1329 E. Hubbell Street

*2222 N. 16th Street

*1503 E. Sheridan Street

*1266 E. Cambridge Avenue

*1646 E. Pinchot Avenue

*3121 N. 27th Street

*4549 E. Montecito Avenue

*5238 N. 18th Place

*1214 W. Orange Drive

*727 E. Bethany Home Road, A100

*1119 E. Lawrence Road

*102 E. Royal Palm Road

*8074 N. 16th Avenue

*818 W. Butler Drive

*2833 E. Cheryl Drive

*3717 E. Ludlow Drive

*211 E. Carol Ann Way


*4430 W. Las Palmaritas Drive


*7620 E. 4th Street

*8103 N. 75th Street

*15041 N. 54th Way

*17650 N. 54th Street

*18030 N. 100th Street


*104 E. Garfield Street

*1019 W 12th Place

*1326 W. 18th Street

*108 W. Palmcroft Drive

*218 E. Geneva Drive

*1960 E. Vaughn Street

*1924 E. Wesleyan Drive

*2017 E. Meadow Drive

*2130 E. Howe Avenue


*1434 N. Delmar

*2525 E. Baltimore Street

*5953 E. Enrose Circle


*1815 W. Straford Drive

*650 E. Morelos Street

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