HEWITT — Vaping is a trend that is sweeping the nation. In the past few years there has been a steady rise in use from teens.

In Hewitt, it will be a constant reminder as students come and go from Midway Middle School.

"As soon as you walk out of the school that is the first thing that you can see is vape," said Midway Superintendent Dr. George Kazanas.

The district has been working to educate parents and advising them to speak with their kids about the impact vaping can have.

"I just don't want it to ever leave the impression that it’s OK and for students to think, 'Oh, since there is a store across the street then it must be OK,'" Kazanas said.

It's Vapor Time opens its doors within the next few weeks. The owner, Amir Surani, said parents should not worry because he does not allow underage people into his store.

"You don't have to worry at all because in my store there will be a big sign. No one under 18 allowed inside and we check ID on every transaction," Surani said.

A Hewitt city officials said to the store's location is not violating any ordinance or state laws.