A Facebook post showing what looked like a bag of drugs has gone viral. The mother of a student found it outside Raye Allen Elementary.

She posted the picture on her Facebook page Wednesday morning and since then it's been shared more than 500 times. The woman turned the baggie into school officials who then turned it over to police, leaving many to wonder if it was even drugs in the bag.

Ellen Morton with the temple police department said it was.

"In the preliminary testing, we did find that it was an illegal substance in the bag. In order to be conclusive about what the substance actually was, we would have to send it off to DPS in Waco," said Morton.

As for where it came from or who it belonged to Morton said because the bag was touched by so many people tracking that information down would be nearly impossible.

"There's no way to link it to anyone, so the bag will be destroyed,” Morton said.

Police said the school is located in a safe area that's not commonly known to be drug infested. They said in the future if parents do spot something suspicious do not touch it.

"We're not able to get any prints or DNA off of that if you handled it already,” said Morton. “You don’t want it to show up with your fingerprints on it, so just go ahead and call the Temple Police Department or your local law enforcement."

Chanel 6 reached out to Temple ISD. They said if parents have any questions or concerns about this issue they are welcome to contact the school district or the principal at the school.


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