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REUNITED | Veteran and service dog are back together after 18 months

Just two days after we told the story of a Belton veteran searching for his missing service dog, the two were reunited.

BELTON, Texas — Ronald Carney spoke with 6News on May 30 about his missing service dog who he believed was stolen in November 2019. 

Just two days later, the two were reunited. Carney said he was tagged in a Facebook post Tuesday morning about someone finding a dog with his number on the collar. 

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Carney met with those people Tuesday and said it didn't take long for him to realize it was his dog. 

“After about 30 seconds or so, he just started jumping on me and walking in circles and whining, and I knew right away by seeing him, it was him," Carney said. "He had the same collar. And it was pretty amazing that after 18 months, he remembered me.”

Carney said on Sunday that he wasn't looking to get the person who took his dog in trouble, but that he just wanted him back. Given Samson's physical condition, it was clear someone had been feeding and taking care of him. 

The veteran believed whoever had his dog may have seen the news story over the weekend and been scared, prompting them to let Samson go. 

Carney said he is thankful for the community for helping reunite him with Samson. 

"The simple fact that somebody found him, took the time to bring him in, posted it, another person on that site tagged me in it so I would see it, I mean the way it all went down, I'm super thankful for the community.”

Samson will return home with Carney after he gets checked out at the veterinarian for any potential medications or vaccinations. Carney said that after a few weeks of adjusting, he will go back to serving other veterans in the community as a therapy dog.