Former Killeen City Council candidate Mellisa Brown was arrested Tuesday night during a city council budget workshop meeting.

Brown was recording the meeting. In the video, Councilwoman Shirley Flemming can be heard saying Brown wanted to say something. Just second later, another person says "we're out of time," then Mayor Jose Segarra says "ma'am don't make me escort you out of this meeting."

When Brown tries to speak again, Segarra tells an officer to escort her out. The officer can be heard saying she's going to be placed under arrest if she doesn't get her stuff. When Brown refuses to leave, the officer handcuffs her and walks her out of the building.

"Ms. Flemming and Mr. Rivera had indicated I was allowed to speak," Brown said. "At the same time Officer Dillford was telling me it was not a public hearing. It's up to the Mayor."

After reviewing the council's policies, Channel 6 found that the Killeen mayor has the final authority on whether a citizen may speak after that citizen is recognized by a council member, unless they are signed up for a public hearing. There was no public hearing at the time, and it appears policy was followed.

Brown told Channel 6 an officer removed her, and later arrested her, without the mayor's direction. After reviewing the meeting video, Channel 6 found Mayor Segarra did ask his Sergeant at Arms to "please escort her out" well before Brown was arrested.

Brown was accused of Disrupting Meeting or Procession. Brown was released from the Killeen City Jail Wednesday morning on a 2-thousand dollar bond, according to the Killeen Police Department.