temple — Temple police have arrested a man who may have been connected to an indecent exposure incident at Pepper Creek Trail.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Justin Wayne Allen Wednesday. Police arrested Allen without incident, however, police said they did have to negotiate with him at a home on Pea Ridge Road.

The alleged incident occurred Monday morning when a woman claimed a man exposed himself to her while she was walking her dog.

Police began investigating the claims after the woman’s post on social media went viral.

A woman named Elaine said she comes to the trail frequently and she never imagined something like that would happen.

“I never thought that it would happen to me,” she said.

Elaine said she saw the man under bridge CW-4. She said she walked across the bridge and as she got to the end she realized he was coming toward her.

“I was very scared because when I saw him going faster I was like oh my God, this guy is going to attack me and I know I can’t run fast and if he runs after me he’s surely going to get me,” she said. “I was just very scared especially because I’m pregnant you know.”

Retired Probation Officer Lee Lingo was riding his bike at the time when he heard Elaine screaming for help.

He called the cops and tried to catch the man.

“And I chased him for about two miles on my bike but he kept getting further and further ahead and I was on 911 talking to 911 trying to get him,” Lingo said.

Elaine said she’s thankful for Lingo and credits him for saving her life.

“No one deserves that. It was terrible. Just terrible,” Elaine said.

She wants other women to be careful when they use the trail.

“I see other ladies going through her and I just want to warn them to be aware of your surroundings,” Elaine said.

Allen will be charged with Indecent Exposure.