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Will Texas have election results on election day?

Texans have cast nearly eight million ballots so far and there are two days of early voting left to go. But will results be ready on election day?

BELL COUNTY, Texas — McLennan County started to compare signatures on mail-in ballots Monday. They have received 9,772 ballots so far. 

Bell County started the process two weeks ago and has received 9,924 ballots. Both counties have seen roughly more than 25 percent more early voters in this election than in 2016. So have Coryell County and Milam County. 

6 News spoke to multiple counties Wednesday and all expected to have early voting numbers ready by election day. Depending on the election day turnout itself, however, some races may not be decided until early morning. 

"In 2016 we had 5,000 voters on election day," Coryell County Election Administrator Justin K. Carothers said. "We are planning on seven or 8,000 on election day. That's what we are prepared for. We'll see what happens. It's probably going to be more voters than have ever voted on one day."

In 2016 Bell County saw 28,119 voters at the polls on November 3. McLennan County saw 24,881. If the trend continues, that's over 6000 more people waiting in line and could delay results. 

"We normally make 10 but can’t guarantee it," McLennan County Elections Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe said.

With three weeks of early voting instead of two and an eventful three weeks at that, Van Wolfe and other administrators hope more people took advantage of that early voting instead of voting on election day. 

"I'm hoping," Van Wolfe said. "I'm very encouraged by the turnout."

On the other hand, if multiple counties across the state are delayed by another record turnout, some state-wide races may not be decided the night of November 3.

The presidential election is maybe even more complicated. According to NPR, 37 states won't count mail-in ballots until election day. Six States don't even start verifying the ballots until election day. Depending on the number of votes, that process could take days to complete.

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