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Waco couple organizes city-wide teddy bear scavenger hunt

Grab a map, pack the kids in the car, or walk around the neighborhood in search of teddy bears in windows, lawns and more.

WACO, Texas — To get your mind off news about the coronavirus, grab a map some binoculars and the kids and get ready to go on an adventure through Central Texas.

All is quiet in some neighborhoods, but if you pay close attention there's something lurking in the windows of homes that is sure to put a smile on your face. 

"One of my friends in Houston mentioned in his neighborhood they were doing something similar, where you have to drive around and find the bears. And it just took off from there," James Yasko said. 

James and Kami Yasko have a website called Waco Wise where they promote local businesses, but with everything closed due to the coronavirus they wanted to do something fun for children and families. The Yasko’s put out the call to have 2020 Waco Bear Crawl, and it took off on social media. 

"We've got tons of messages in our inbox where people are like we found 11 or we found 25 and we are going out tomorrow,” Kami Yasko said. “Its just been something to brighten everyone’s spirit. That is the whole reason we wanted to do it." 

To make things easier for the family, the couple created a Google Map with place marks to locations where people say they put up a bear. 

"It is just really good to see the community come together over this,” Jim Yasko said. 

There are about 130 places throughout Central Texas who are taking part in the scavenger hunt. 

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