waco — Drivers who frequent the Waco traffic circle may have noticed something different lately.

The Texas Department of transportation added new markers to help local drivers as well as tourists better navigate the circle. But there are some who have mixed opinions about it.

"I’m so used to knowing how it goes without those lines and once they painted the lines for the directions it confused me a bit,” Waco driver Reginald Smith said. "I think it makes things a little more hectic."

TxDOT said their intent is to eliminate traffic around the circle. They said drivers are supposed to use the right turn bypass lanes to exit onto Highway 77 or LaSalle Avenue. Some drivers said this is a plus.

"I think it makes things better because I feel like it’s a little more organized and hopefully there will be less accidents in the future," Waco Driver Brandi Moye said.

The singular circle lane carries drivers around the entire circle and the lanes with the I-35 shields will put you back on the highway. Some drivers said they still worry.

"It’s still so new to everybody,” Johnathan Panter said. “I’m still kind of scared."

TxDOT said the new markings also help tourists get to Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Table restaurant without causing accidents.

"My advice for everyone who comes here would be to stay away from the area just for a bit,” Waco driver Casey Carpenter said. “Maybe get an Uber or something, then get used to it."

The Texas Department of Transportation said they understand there's a learning curve for drivers.

They will watch traffic closely over the next three to six months to determine how they are working or if they will need additional signage.