You asked for a better user experience, less intrusive ads and faster load times, and listened.

You probably noticed our new mobile website on your phone. Hopefully, you appreciate its clean design and easy navigation.

Now, we're launching an all-new on your desktop computer and tablet with a similar design. You might say "What's with all the white space?" The truth is...we just want the site to load quickly and be less ad-covered to give you the best experience possible. If that means going back to basics, then that's okay with us!

Our alerts will be easily accessible and in the same place.

This new look features a modern interface, putting everything you're looking for front and center.

This means less intrusive ads, clear breaking news alerts, the ability to access weather from every page and scroll from one article to the next.

Our stories and video content will be front and center and easier to find!

We've also added more bold and colorful imagery and increased the amount of video and article content available from our homepage.

Even with a new design, we're still the same

With that being said, we want your feedback and will share it with developers. They will be making adjustments -- and your observations are valued (seriously).

You can send your thoughts to And, we'll pass them along to the web development team.

You can find everything you need via our new dropdown menu on the right side of the screen.