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West Adams area residents petitioning against possible new apartment complex

Residents say they'd prefer a public green field for families instead

TEMPLE, Texas — Some re-zoning may be happening in Temple, which would bring a new apartment complex to the West Adams Ave area.

Originally, residents in the area were told once First Baptist Church sold the land where this new apartment complex might be built, it would be a senior citizen's home.

They wouldn't mind the senior citizen's home, but a new set of apartments is a different story.

"They were proposing to have this as a senior center and then they sent out a message to, I guess a residents that live within 200 yards," Janet Thompson, a resident of Tanglehead Drive for over 15 years said. "Now they want to change it to an apartment complex."

Thompson says that side of Temple simply isn't built for the effects that come from a new apartment complex with Tanglehead as the main road.

Tthey want to use Tanglehead drive as a connecting road neighborhood road. It's not going to suffice for that."

Today, the city issued a statement regarding the apartment complex.

"This is not a City of Temple-funded project. A private developer is proposing to build market-rate apartments with no income restrictions. This proposal will be presented to the Temple City Council on Aug. 18 and Sept. 1, 2022. It is important to note that the City of Temple does not own this land and therefore does not have the jurisdiction to make it a public green space."

Residents who are looking for more info can call (254) 298-5668 to ask questions and also support or stand against the re-zoning for the apartment complex. 

Thompson says meetings are at times that are difficult for people who work until 5 p.m. to attend.

She also thinks the city must already be on board to build the apartments given that the trees at the end of the road were displaced in just a week. She says they have no idea how that will change the neighborhood she's lived in for over a decade.

"Temple can't afford the growth on this side of town like that that they want. We just can't afford it. The traffic is not built for it. This infrastructure cannot handle it. And if they don't believe us they need to drive it at 8 A.M. and 4:55 P.M."

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