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What you should do if a tree falls on your car or house

The Texas Department of Insurance wants you to know what to do if this unfortunate event happens to you.
Credit: Kelly Moquin
Frozen trees fallen in Temple, TX

TEMPLE, Texas — This week's winter freeze has affected thousands of Texans in different ways.

In addition to those without power, heat and water, some are dealing with mass amounts of fallen tree limbs, which are damaging their property. 

It's a bit of an unclear solution for when a tree falls and makes significant damages to a car or home. However, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has some important steps one should take if they are affected. 

A property owner should take photos of the damage prior to removing anything. Once photos have been taken, removal of tree limbs and repairs can ensue. It's important for owners to contact their insurance company as soon as possible, sharing the photos with them. 

Owners should also document copies of any receipts given when purchasing labor or materials for repairs. Homeowner policy should make efforts to cover the repair costs. 

While this is a general assessment, TDI states that most homeowner policies will offer coverage when a tree causes damage to a house or driveway, but not when they fall in a yard. 

In addition, TDI also states that a homeowner policy most likely won't cover damage and tree removal if that tree came from a neighbor's property. However, a claim can be filed under your own policy. 

Lastly, TDI says that your auto policy will pay for damages done to your car if you have comprehensive coverage. 

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