Flyers from a white supremacist group were found in the driveways of a Killeen neighborhood Sunday morning.

Two notes and a rock were found in Ziploc bags littered on the driveways of homes near Live Oak Ridge Middle School.

Howard Katz found a note on his driveway, and said the note left him "disgusted."

One note read:

"Save our nation! You aren't the only one at the end of your rope! Just say no to drugs. Your family members, friends, and even your neighbors could be next. If you or anyone you know needs help with drug or alcohol abuse, please call: 1-800-662-4357. Get help now! We care about you! Let's work together to stop this epidemic now! Take an active role in saving our nation! This message is brought to you by: The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

The second note read:

"Loyal White Knights wants you to

say NO to cultural geNOcide.

24/7 hotline: (714)-363-3807. For more info, visit

If you can't tell, they are trying to wipe us out of the history books. People seem to forget that black people and even the Cherokee nations fought for the south. Tell this cultural marxist government they better not dare to dishonor our ancestors graves! Actually, the slaves were brought to America under the United States flag in the northern state of Rhode Island and for your information, the ones who brought them here were not white!

Unfortunately, most groups out there and especially white people are too cowardly to stand up for their heritage because they are scared of being called a 'racist.' Quit sitting on the fence and fight for your heritage and history! We the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are demanding them to keep their crooked hands off of American history! If you yourself hate American history we would like to kindly ask you yo get out of America! Fight for the right, die if you must. Always remember in God we trust!

Residents in the neighborhood told Channel 6 they have never heard of or seen anything like this since they’ve lived in Killeen and the note's are alarming.

“So, I opened it up, started reading it, and I was alarmed,” Deloris Thomas said. “I was like ‘wow, okay.’ I wasn’t surprised. I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m not naïve to the things that are going on in the country today, but what I can say is I was alarmed."

Katz had a strong opinion for the group's motives for the flyers.

“There is a reason that they have to hide behind hoods,” Katz said. “It’s because they know what they do is absolutely disrespectful and morally repugnant.”

Three numbers were depicted on the flyers, but one of the numbers was cut off.

So, Channel 6 News called the other two numbers Sunday afternoon. The first number, 1-800-662-4357, directed the phone call to a hotline for the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Treatment Referral Routing Service.

The other number, (714) 363-3807, which the flyer claims to be a 24/7 hotline, directed the phone call to a cell phone's voicemail -- which was full. Channel 6 searched Spokeo records for the 7-1-4 number, and the search yielded information for an 87-year-old California man. Channel 6 subsequently searched online records for that man, and an obituary appeared. All information found in the obituary coincided with the Spokeo phone number search.

A website,, was also depicted on the flyer. After searching the web address on the Internet, an error message appeared on the screen.

When Thomas found the note, she wanted to use it as a teaching moment for her daughter.

"This is the reality we live in," Symone Thomas, Deloris' daughter, said. "So for me, I was just like 'this just happened, in my neighborhood, at my house and i could do nothing about it.'"

In the present-day political climate, with the nation seemingly divided, Deloris and Symone Thomas do not plan to change anything in their day-to-day lives.

"You can't fight hate with hate because that's not how it works," Symone Thomas said.

The origin of the flyer remains unclear, but what Channel 6 did discover is the information listed is not legitimate.

Channel 6 reached out to the Killeen Police Department Sunday afternoon in regards to any information about the flyers or if they consider the flyers protected speech or harassment.

Police said to check back in on Monday.