Animals are known for being cunning and having hyper senses, and the level of intelligence shown by some, like Paul the Octopus, seem to have a knack for picking winners.

Back in 2010 Paul was able to correctly pick every outcome for Germany at the Soccer World Cup and even picked the winner, Spain, making it eight-for-eight.

Since Paul lived in Germany and is now in octopus heaven, and the Super Bowl just around the corner, could another highly intelligent animal predict this year's Super Bowl?

Cameron Park Zoo's Mukah the orangutan has the intelligence of a 5-year-old and shares 97 percent of the same DNA as humans.

Two balls were placed equal distances from where the great ape comes into his enclosure. And without flinching he chose the Patriots.

The patriots have won two out of the last three, and are appearing in a record 10th Super Bowl... Mukah might just be on to something.