Waco — Chances are, you've seen them.

Along with 100,000 other drivers going through Central Texas on a daily basis - just along I-35.

Tire treads seem to dot the highways here.

"If you run over them you can sling 'em on someone else's hood or go through their windshield so we try to avoid them at all costs," Timothy Harper said.

But TxDOT said swerving isn't necessarily the safest option to avoid them.

However, they acknowledge that's easier said than done.

"You've got to allow adequate space between you and another vehicle in the event that something occurs," TxDOT Waco District spokesman Ken Roberts said. "In the event of an 18-wheeler in the vent that the tire may explode as you're passing, there's little you can do about that except try to slow down."

But who's responsibility is getting those tires off?

The drivers?

"Possibly," Roberts said.

However, drivers can only be held responsible if their vehicle can be identified and only if the tire can be safely removed from the roadway.

"When you have as many vehicles as you have on our roadways, it typically is just a road hazard," Roberts said.

Roberts said drivers need to exercise caution when driving and look for hazards on the roadway.