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Woman shaken up after alleged trafficking scare

A woman said she had a "terrifying" encounter after being followed by men she believed were sex traffickers in a Temple Walmart.

TEMPLE, Texas — Two women said they are shaken up after what they're calling a terrifying encounter at an area Walmart.

Tiffany Toliver said she and her younger cousin were shopping at the Walmart on S. 31st street in Temple when a man started following them around the store. Toliver said that at one point a second man signaled to the first man that he liked both girls. Later on, Toliver says a third man showed up out of nowhere and began following them around as well.

"They were not nervous that we knew they were following us-- like they just did not care," Toliver said.

According to Toliver, Walmart employees escorted the ladies to their car after the men followed them out into the parking lot.

Toliver took to Facebook to share the scary encounter in a post that's quickly going viral.

"You hear these horror stories about these women or these children and it could've been me," Toliver said. "It's happening in this town, it's happening in your stores and you just need to open your eyes and be aware that it can happen at any moment."

Temple police said there are steps to take and avoid for anyone in a similar situation.

"Call 9-1-1 if you're uncomfortable and you're not sure what's going on," Ellen Morton, Temple PD, said. "Don't always carry a lot of bags out with you, that makes it harder to defend yourself. Make sure you know where the buttons are on your keys so that you can press the panic button if you need to."

Toliver says her cousin did call 9-1-1 during the situation, but says once the pair got back to their car they were so scared that they just sped home and did not wait on the scene for police.

Toliver said she doesn't plan on going back to that Walmart in the future but does plan on taking some self defense classes.

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