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Women in Killeen donate formal gowns to homeless, foster care children

“We all wear sweats and a pair of heels because we are all giving our formal dresses away," said Capito.

KILLEEN, Texas — On Wednesday, a group of women in Killeen put on their favorite sweatpants and high heels for a great cause that help many homeless and foster care children in Bell County.

Tina Capito is a walking example of someone putting the needs of others before their own. Wednesday was her birthday, but her friends gathered at the Olive Garden to celebrate more than that.

"Today we are doing my annual sweats and stilettos event,” said Capito. “We all wear sweats and we wear a pair of heels because we are all giving our formal dresses away so that the homeless girls and foster care girls will have an opportunity to go to homecoming or prom or any formal event they need to go to."

This is something Capito has been doing for years.

"When I was younger I did not have those opportunities, so I want to make sure the girls and children in our community have those things," said Capito.

Capito is the Director of Operations at Garden of Hope Central Texas, which is a foster care center in Killeen. Dresses donated will go to center as well as the Junior League of Bell County.

"Anytime we put out that we need something for children in the community, whether it’s Educated Angels or Garden of Hope, the community steps up and brings it. “I really appreciate that. We live in a wonderful community,” said Capito.”

Captio also wanted to thank those who donated gift cards, and food to make sure homeless and foster children had a great Christmas this year.

"Each child got 14 Christmas gifts. There were about 500 gifts going through the facility on Christmas morning,” said Capito. “It was wonderful."

Now Captio is calling on the men in the community to donate formal wear so that young boys in need can go to prom and homecomings too.

If you would like to donate a formal dress, contact Tina Capito at officem@gohctx.com

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