Hog line, button, burnt rock, hack, hard, these are all terms you need to know if you want to curl.

Curling seems to be one of those sports that comes along only when the Olympics is on.

Originally from the same place that birthed golf in the 1500s, being able to play curling is a lot like the club and ball game.

"It takes hours on the driving range to become a good golfer, said Lone Star Curling President Buck Krawcyzk. Understanding what you're doing out on the golf course, you need to do the same on the ice, understand the ice conditions."

Unlike golf it can be picked up by even the most novice at a quick pace. For a social player to turn pro there's a certain amount of finesse involved.

"If you're off by an inch when you're delivering the rock that could throw you off by 8 to 10 inches down at the other end of the ice, remarked Krawcyzk. That precision that you see at the world class level requires hours an hours of practice."

And just because you live in Central Texas doesn't mean you can't learn to curl. Chaparral Ice in Austin has a very active curling scene thanks to Lone Star Curling Club.

For all information on Chaparral Ice and the curling club, click here.

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