It's National “Exercise with your kids week” and across Central Texas families are getting fit together to build stronger bonds and healthier habits.

On Tuesday mornings in Temple's Lions Park, a group of moms gets together to get fit with their babies in tow.

“We do a little bit of everything. We're basically your one stop shop for pre and postnatal fitness after babies,” said owner Amber McGrath.

She started Fit for Mom Temple when she realized how difficult it was to get to the gym with little ones.

"It's really nice because the moms can bring the kiddos and get a really hard intense workout. But we also incorporate songs and bubbles and tickles so they're interacting with mom the whole time. The kiddos also get to hear the mom sing and see them workout and so the moms from an early age they're showing them exercise is important. Exercise is fun," explained McGrath.

Katelyn Thompson has been coming with her 14-month-old Anna for about eight months.

While she loves the workouts, it's the friendships that keep her coming back.

“It’s a huge community of moms. It motivates me to workout and the best part is the friends I’ve made and she's made. She's grown with the babies when she started at 8-months-old and they have play dates and grow together and I have mom friends as well all while getting a great workout,” said Thompson.

Anna might still be in diapers, but her mom knows starting healthy habits now will help her stay healthy later.

“I want her to see that you can workout with friends, you can stay healthy and we can do it and enjoy the outdoors and you can build relationships while working out," Thompson said.

Across town, Susie Rowe and her 15-year-old daughter Caroline have been hitting the gym together all summer.

“It’s inspiring really because she’s so fit and its exiting to pace with her,” Susie said.

And although they have different fitness levels, they say working out as a team makes them push harder.

"We really push each other and motivate each other to workout and be the best we can be,” said Caroline.

It's also brought the mother and daughter closer.

Susie said, “she doesn’t have a lot of free time in the school year so this is the ideal time to get together and be with her.”

Their family has always been active, ever since Caroline and her siblings were small, but now Caroline has a new love for staying healthy thanks to her mom.

"It’s nice. It’s fun and I kind of laugh at her a little bit but, she's really fun to workout with and honestly seeing her and she’s working so hard and seeing her push herself is really amazing and motivating for me to see. Wow, she’s doing such a great job and this is what I want to do and how I want to act when I’m older and I want to be able to take my kids to the gym when I’m older and be a good role model for them,” Caroline said.

Two families proving sweating it out with your kids no matter their ages, builds stronger bonds, healthier habits and helps them live their best life.

You can find out more about Fit for Mom Temple by clicking here.