FORT HOOD, Texas — Fort Hood is always training their soldiers for whatever comes next. As part of the live fire training exercise on post the sound of mortar blasts echoed through the training fields Tuesday.

The sound of SSG Chad Holder leading his men on their mission was also audible for those listening close enough. 

Holder, from South Carolina, said he was born into the military way of life while watching his uncle serve in Desert Storm.

"Ever since I was child seeing him on the television, learning about Desert Storm, it's stuck with me since an early age and it's the only thing I've ever wanted to do," Holder said.

While the rain pounded the training area at Fort Hood, Holder led his men through a series of drills, a simulated war zone where fellow soldiers came upon an enemy target and Holder's men. The Alpha Troop from 1-7 Cav, are called to assist in taking that enemy out.

The drills are intended to make the soldiers stronger and more lethal, together.

"The brotherhood in the Army or the military in general is next to none," Holder said. "Learning to get through things together is a bond like any other I've ever felt."

Holder has countless deployments under his belt, and his children are never far from his mind.

"I have three kids, one boy and  two girls," he said. "They mean everything to me. I prayed for them even before I had them and now. They're the most important thing to me."

While his family is always in the back of his mind, he stays focused on the task at hand and fighting for the freedoms of people he's never met. 

He said it takes a special kind of person to do something like that, and it's something he would if called upon.

"That's what I signed up to do. I'm willing to do it. I've been to combat. I'd go and do it again if need be," Holder said. "I don't want to, but I will if I have to."