They say there is no better friendship than those that are formed between dogs and their humans. In the United States Army, Spc. Keelan Rader and his dog, Bobek, an 8-year old Beligan Malinois are no exception.

For the last two years, they've worked together everyday. 

They are bonded to their service to this country. They recently returned from a deployment to Egypt and are still growing closer than before.

"The love between me and Bobek is something that you can't really describe something," Rader said. "No one else can really understand unless you're with a dog like that."

The Military Dog Program at Fort Hood has three main objectives: Emphasize law enforcement, get the dogs ready to deploy with soldiers overseas and support the Secret Service and their mission.

Other soldiers strive to have the relationship Rader has with Bobek.

"[Rader] has got a great dog and a great working relationship with his dog," Sgt. Sean Conahan said. "A lot of the up and coming guys look at them as the goal they want to get to."

The bond Rader formed with Bobek didn't come over night. Their relationship has taken time, trust and a lot of work-- work that's a continuous effort.

Each week, the two work on obedience training, detection training and full deployment-style trainings, dressed in Army kits from head to toe.

Their bond helps them both become better soldiers together.

"We're one of the people that can search a lot faster, do our job a lot quicker," Rader said. "That makes me look a lot better as a handler, makes him look good as a dog and everything is nice and smooth."

Rader also said he's quick to point out that those who don't believe dogs like Bobek are soldiers are wrong. He said military dogs are heroes because they save lives with what they do.

"We're out there putting our life on the line, and so are our dogs," Rader said. "Our dogs are the ones who have the courage to go up to an explosive and indicate for us, not only saving us as handlers, but saving the soldiers behind us that are following us."

The man and his dog are best friends who go to war together. They're bonded through the military life and their service to the freedoms we all enjoy. 

When asked if Rader would give his life for his dog, his answer is clear.

"In a heartbeat," he said. "I would do anything for Bobek because I know he's given 110% for me. The least I can do is the same thing."