TEMPLE, Texas — Military families move, on average, every one to three years. This forces these families to restart their lives. 

2018 US Army Military Spouse of the Year and creator of 'Moving with the Military', Maria Reed, and a fellow military spouse, Monika Jefferson, decided to partner up and create something new to help these families.

"There wasn't anything to help with everything you need to move," Reed said.
"I said I can make something."

That's when Reed reached out to Jefferson and they decided to start working on "MyultimatePCS." This is a one-stop-shop app that has everything families need to move. This includes basic resources such as names of moving companies and even more in-depth information.

Reed said the app includes, "School districts, neighborhoods, where are you going to live, what is your allowance based on rank."

With nearly 7,000 users, the reviews have been nothing short of amazing. 

"I really liked the photo inventory aspect," Military Spouse Stacy Bilodeau said. "It was convenient to have all the photos in one app because normally they got lost on my camera roll." 

While this free app takes a huge time commitment from Reed, Jefferson,  and the other three members of their team, they know they are helping military families around the globe. That is what makes it all worth it. 

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