KILLEEN, Texas — The City of Killeen planned to honor the victims of the Fort Hood shooting Tuesday to mark 10 years since the mass shooting left 14 dead, including an unborn child, and 30 wounded.

Here are some of the statements issued by Texas lawmakers in recognition of that tragic day.

Rep. Roger Williams:

“The act of sheer evil on United States soil 10 years ago today was unthinkable, as 14 innocent lives were taken, including an unborn child. Over the last decade, we have seen extraordinary resilience and an outpouring of support from our community coming together to heal – and because of it, we have showed the world the very best of America. I am forever grateful for the heroic actions of those who brought an end to the violence, and my prayers are with the families of those taken far too soon. Our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line every day to protect our freedom and we will never forget the stories of our fallen brothers and sisters. May God bless our troops and may He continue to bless the United States of America.”

Sen. Ted Cruz

“On this day 10 years ago, a maniacal madman viciously murdered 13 and wounded over 30 unarmed U.S. Army soldiers at Fort Hood – attacking the very people who have devoted their lives to defending our country against evil and making the world a safer place. As we honor the memory of the innocent men and women who lost their lives that day, we must also celebrate the courage and bravery of those who ran directly into the line of fire to bring others to safety. I am grateful for their heroism and unite with Texans across the Lone Star State to remember those lost that horrific day.”

Rep. John Carter

“Ten years ago today, pure evil struck The Great Place when a terrorist killed thirteen men and women and wounded more than thirty others. No matter how many days pass, the horrors of that day remain on my mind, and our community still carries the weight of grief for those we lost. On the anniversary of this tragedy, Erika and I are praying for the families that were forever changed. I also want to convey that I’m immensely proud of the Soldiers at Ft. Hood, the greatest fighting forces the world has ever seen. Their strength and commitment to their fellow brothers and sisters in arms is how they’ve healed since that day. We will never forget their service to our country, or the sacrifices they made when facing evil. God bless Ft. Hood.”

The ceremony to honor the victims was schedule for 1 p.m. at the Fort Hood Memorial in Killeen. It will be carried live on 6 News along KCENTV.COM and all of our social media platforms.

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