It is a day of family time for Fort Hood's First Armored Brigade Combat Team on post. Spouses and children of all ages get a look at what it means for their soldier to go to work, whether their soldier is gone for a day or for a year.

"And I don't like it whenever he's gone," said Isaiah Wright, son of Captain Chris Wright.

Tough words to hear but Friday's Family Spur Ride offered families a close look at obstacle courses, military vehicles and equipment.

"My 7-and-a-half and 9-year-olds are in there driving humvees and engaging the enemy and learning how to do medical treatment throwing hand grenades and water balloons," said Colonel Trey Rutherford, the First Brigade Commander.

The brigade of about 3,500 troops will be heading overseas to Europe this summer. About 45 percent of these families are new to deployment life.

"We always think of our families as our secret weapon for Ironhorse Brigade. So, this is time well spent," said Rutherford.

The busy training environment was replaced with children, strollers and even puppies on Friday.

"I can do it, yes I can," said one young girl, working on climbing over a large fence. She and her dad, Captain Chris Wright, even walked through a small tunnel as part of a large obstacle course.

"It's never easy to be gone for that amount of time, so any memories we can build before we go, is especially important keeping our families together," said Wright.

Colonel Rutherford said a Spur Ride gets families tied in with Family Readiness Groups, as communication with loved ones gets harder down range during the deployment.

The Brigade will be supporting Operation Atlantic Resolve, aiming to assist in the mission to deter Russian aggression and support countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.