A former Fort Hood soldier is in Korea getting ready for his third Olympics.

Major Chris Fogt earned a bronze in Sochi and he is aiming to continue that momentum later this week.

Soldiers from the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team will be training Friday evening, but they will be gathering around their phones to stream Fogt's bobsled race from Pyeongchang.

Fogt served with Greywolf on Fort Hood until he left about one year ago to join the U.S. Army World Class Athletes program. He is a brakeman in the four-man bobsled race.

Captain Matthew McGuire and 1st Lieutenant James Moser said they remember Fogt's winning attitude in the unit.

"He was talking about making another go at going to the Olympics, so he starting his training, more splinting, more than what the Army really focuses on," McGuire said.

Moser said Fogt did the same workouts with the soldiers he did with Olympians in Lake Placid.

"Captain Fogt was my second Commander when I came to the 3rd Engineer Battalion. He was a great officer to learn from, really enjoyed serving with him, working out with him," Moser said. "He's obviously an Olympic-caliber athlete, he's got just freak strength and he's able to critique you on what you're doing."

Fogt is not the only service member on the bobsled team, with teammates Sergeant First Class Nate Weber and Sergeant Justin Olsen too.

"I think it's great. They represent the Army well. I think there's a Marine on his team. And definitely shows that it's more than just people out there shooting guns. We have competitive athletes in the military also," McGuire said.

McGuire said he does not know much about the sport, but he does know you have to be strong and fast. The soldiers say if Fogt and his teammates win the heats on Friday night, they will get Saturday off to watch the medal run.