Three Fort Hood Army bowlers are back in the lanes practicing after competing at the Military Bowling Championships in Las Vegas this month.

It was a scratch tournament which means no handicaps and the score is straight up what you bowl.

"It's something that's unexplainable when you're around people that love to do the same thing that you love to do. It's almost like a third language that no one understands except for bowlers," Staff Sergeant Allan Smith, a member of the 504th Military Intelligence Brigade said.

Staff Sergeant Allan Smith, Sergeant First Class Damian Codrington and Sergeant Gavin Wainwright competed in singles, double and team games.

"If you're on and they're not, you gotta help them out like, hey you know you should do this or you should do that, it's like teamwork," Sergeant First Class Damian Codrington, a soldier with the Fort Hood Materiel Team said.

"One shot at a time, that's all I say," Sergeant Gavin Wainwright said.

Smith finished fourth overall out of 562 players--the same place as last year, leaving him both happy and frustrated.

With the All-Army trials coming up in April, Smith is hoping to come out on top like last year.

"Damian finished second, I know that he's after me, he's been practicing a whole lot, so I gotta stay ahead of him this year," Smith said.

Wainwright said he's feeling confident ahead of the April games.

The bowlers said knocking down spares is just as important as hitting those strikes.