COPPERAS COVE — Fort Hood Captain James Dukas was a little surprised when he discovered a cigar box guitar while he was overseas in Afghanistan.

Dukas and other soldiers were finding ways to pass time in between missions in Afghanistan.

But now, it is more than just about making music.

"Looked at it and I was like, oh this would be simple to build," said Dukas.

He is making the instrument.

"Every bone in that man has creativity in it," said his wife, Stacey.

Dukas uses cigar boxes and household goods, such as picture hanging hooks and bolts, to make homemade guitars. He constructs the guitars in his homemade workshop in Copperas Cove.

The soldier will watch YouTube videos to learn the basics and he gives his creations to fellow soldiers.

"It's one thing to see a picture I've done, something I've built," Dukas said. "But it's another thing on top of that to hear somebody playing it and making it sound like it's supposed to sound."

He even gave some guitars to his kids, too.

"I personally like the part where he is tuning the strings because sometimes when it's not tuned correctly, it sounds pretty funny," said Duka's son, Shawn.

His wife, Stacey, said she believes this kind of outlet is important for soldiers when they return from overseas combat.

"You hear about all these soldiers with PTSD or some sort of effects after they've been gone. They come home and they probably don't have anything to do but think about stuff that happened. So for them to have any outlet, I think would be amazing, very beneficial," Stacey Dukas said.

And her soldier agrees.

"Everyone needs that stress relief, especially coming back from battles," James Dukas said.