A Killeen second grader got quite the surprise Wednesday when she was reunited with her father who has been deployed overseas for a year.

Captain Shavayey Cato just returned from a year long deployment at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, where he worked with the Army’s Area Support Group as a logistics officer. However his daughter Allyson didn't know he was back home until he surprised her Wednesday morning outside of her class at Willow Springs Elementary school.

Allyson struggled to hold back tears as she hugged her father in disbelief.

Cato said the surprise was months in the making and said he was excited to create new memories with his daughter.

"We're always deployed and you don't get a lot of time to spend with your kids and when you get back they always seem to grow an inch. I just want to use this time to do more things with her and be more of a father because there's a difference between being a father on Facetime and being a father in person," Cato said.

After their reunion, Cato said he planned to take Allyson bowling and also bought season passes to Six Flags to enjoy together, as well.