Fort Hood military spouses are among 400 nominated for Armed Forces Insurance Spouse of the Year, across all branches.

The four women said they were humbled, honored and even surprised when the email popped into their inbox last Wednesday. They are juggling families, kids, jobs, volunteer work, and deployment life.

Emily Damboise is the Family Readiness Group Advisor for III Corps, but the community may also know her as the President of Fort Hood's Santa's Workshop.

"If I won, this is a great opportunity to represent all of our military spouses across the board from all of the branches and just speak on behalf of them, what we've been going through over the couple of years and speak on resiliency," Damboise said.

Army spouse Marta Rivera Diaz said the email came at a time when she needed a morale boost. This weekend was the anniversary of her mom's death.

"Most military spouses know about this award. So to be nominated for it, for it, to become such a shock. It was a good shock, it was a good emotional shock," she said.

Christina Lingelbach's husband is deployed in Korea right now, has five kids and works in Killeen's school district.

"I've always felt like maybe I'm alone in this and I know I'm not because there's hundreds of wives that are out there going through it right now, so I just don't know, I feel like it doesn't happen to people like me," she said.

The deployments have been tough. So she offers a little advice to other spouses out there.

"My husband, friend, there are people out there and when they offer to help, take it," said Lingelbach.

Julie Moser is a breast cancer survivor and founder of Pink Warrior Angels. She explained what she would focus on if she won the Spouse of the Year award.

"Educating those in getting, community or not, to understand that even though we have great insurance, there is still a gap in between that one needs help," Moser said.

Anyone can nominate a spouse for the award, which started back in 2008. The winner is announced in May in Washington, D.C., according to the Armed Forces Insurance page. Anyone can also vote for these spouses. Voting closes on Friday. Click here to check it out.