FORT HOOD — The 11th Air Support Operations Squadron, a part of the Air Force stationed on Fort Hood, will be saying goodbye for now.

The Steel Eagles airmen will be reassigned under the 9th ASOS.

It is part of a reorganization by the higher headquarters.

The airmen do what is called TACP work, which stands for Tactical Air Control Party.

They help coordinate communication and airstrikes between the forces in the sky and the soldiers on the ground in combat.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Biancardi, incoming commander of the 9th ASOS, was previously commander of the 11th ASOS.

"It also provides some continuity, support, and a better capability for our guys to be able to train and become proficient in what we do," Biancardi said, discussing the increased efficiency in the reorganization.

It is not the first time the 11th ASOS has been inactivated. It has a storied history beyond Fort Hood.

"The 11th, in terms of its flag, has flown from the beaches of Normandy through Patton's third Army and for a short time, well from 1947 to 'til about 1994, the squadron was inactivated just like we're doing today. And in 1994, the squadron was activated to support 4th Infantry Division," Biancardi said.

The 11th ASOS guidon, or flag, is now folded up and placed in a handmade box, with other ASOS memorabilia too. The box will head to the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. It will remain there until the squadron is reactivated in the future.

The airmen will continue to work with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, which is based at Fort Hood. They will continue to help with Operation Inherent Resolve missions.