It can be tough for military kids to compete in high school sports and beyond because their families move around so much. But, two Killeen High School Kangaroos showed they were up to the challenge at National Signing Day Wednesday.

"It was honestly a blessing," said midfielder Lauren Din.

She and defender Jalyn Davis will continue their soccer goals on the pitch at the collegiate level.

"I love them because they showed interest in me that no other school did," Davis said.

The two players appreciate the support of their families and their coaches, too.

"They were like oh my goodness, they were like, I've always wanted to see you go. I knew you could do it, just gassing me up," Din said.

Davis and Din have played all over, always moving with their military families when duty called. Din has lived in Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia and Texas too. Davis has been to 6 or 7 different schools in her life, even playing internationally while living in Australia, and that's where her passion for the pitch soared.

"I wanna play college, I wanna try and go pro, and do everything I can to make my dream come true," she said.

Davis and Din's parents sat proudly next to their daughters during the National Signing Day event at the Killeen High School gym.

"I will go to as many games as I have an opportunity to go to, you know, work, duty calls," Lieutenant Colonel Melvin Thaddeus Davis, III said. "It's really enjoyable watching her play," he said.

Sergeant Adeel Din said it was a good moment.

"Man I'm really proud. My wife basically did everything, being deployed five times, so she was the one driving them from one game to another. I was just there for the support when I was home," he said.

And now the tables have turned, the fathers now following their daughters.