The Veterans Land Board confirmed it will be lifting a two week quarantine on residents at Temple's Central Texas Veterans home.

"We're very happy we found out today we found out that we have nobody in the building right now that is testing positive for flu and we're actually lifting the quarantine today," said John Berkely, the Deputy Director of the Texas State Veterans Homes.

It has been a nasty flu season around the country.

The William R. Courtney Texas State Veterans Home is usually abuzz with veterans throughout the hallways socializing, but not for the past two weeks. When the VA got the start to an outbreak three weeks ago, employees took measures to make sure it didn't spread.

Berkely said they ramped up cleaning schedules, using alcohol and antiseptic. Berkely also said they isolated residents who did test positive for the flu and canceled dining room food service. He said, instead, they are feeding the residents in their rooms to prevent the flu from spreading.

Quarantine also meant all of the fun activities were put on hold until the quarantine was lifted.

Visitors are still discouraged at this time.

"If somebody is not feeling well, if they've recently had a cold, if they've had the sniffles, this is also allergy season too, to really consider whether it's safest to visit their loved one. If you've just had the flu, you can be contagious for 3 or 4 days after the flu," he said.

Berkely said the veterans will be allowed to get out of their rooms and socialize once again, but if there is any sign of the flu, the quarantine will go right back into effect. The VLB representative said the flu season is expected to last another three to four weeks.