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11-year-old El Paso boy challenges others to random acts of kindness in wake of massacre

The #elpasoCHALLENGE is a callout to show the world that people in El Paso care for one another after Saturday's tragedy.

An El Paso 11-year-old boy is calling on people to embark on random acts of kindness to 20 people in honor of those killed in the massacre in his city last Saturday.

The boy's mother tweeted a photo of her son and a handwritten note explaining the #elpasoCHALLENGE.

"He challenges ALL El Pasoans to commit 20 Random Acts of Kindness. One for every person that was killed in our city’s mass shooting. Let’s get this done El Paso," the tweet said. 

Since the posting, the number of those killed grew to 22 Monday.

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His note came with plenty of suggestions.

"Mow someone's lawn, visit a nursing home, pay for someone's lunch or dinner, donate to families in need, write someone a letter and tell them how great they are, hold the door for everyone, comfort someone when they are sad or stressed, take flowers to someone in the hospital, leave a dollar on the vending machine for the next person and any other random act of kindness," he wrote.

"This will show the world that people from El Paso, TX are kind and care for each other."

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Commenters loved the gesture and said they are going to spread it to where they live.

"This is amazing! Spreading the love in Oregon!" write Becca Jones.

"Way to go kiddo! There is HOPE for the future and it starts with you!" wrote Terra Lorussso.

"And there you have it. Shining light on darkness. Thank you," wrote Nancy Mills.