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Burger King wants to help customers pay off student loans

Here's how you could win up to $100,000 for your student loans.

Burger King's latest promotion is all about serving up student loan payments.  

The fast food chain announced a contest on Thursday to erase "up to $250,000 in student loans" for its customers. 

Burger King's promo video gives an overview of what they're calling "Whopper Loans," but the official rules on the company's website give a much better idea of what you could win and how.  

The easiest way to enter is by making a purchase through the BK Mobile App and entering how much you currently pay each month on your student loans. There's also a mail-in method that's explained online in the official rules

So what can you actually win? 

There will be two drawings, one on May 31 and another on June 7, where 150 winners will be selected. If you're one of those 150 winners, you'll get up to $500 for the monthly student loan payment amount that you entered in the contest registration. 

One lucky person will win the grand prize of up to $100,000 paid toward their student loan balance. That drawing, according to the official rules, will take place around June 13. 

The rules also explain that if you enter before March 31 and don't get selected during the week 1 drawing, you'll automatically be eligible for the week 2 and grand prize drawings.