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'Jeopardy!' champ James Holzhauer hits $2 million milestone

James Holzhauer made it look easy on his way to another big 'Jeopardy!' milestone!

Reigning "Jeopardy!" champion James Holzhauer finished off the week by crossing the $2 million threshold. 

While Thursday's episode had fans worried Holzhauer might be in jeopardy of seeing his streak end...Friday he made it look easy yet again. 

Holzhauer flew past his challengers, bringing his 27-day total to $2,065,535. 

He even set a new record Friday by having $24,600 after the first "Jeopardy!" round. The previous record was set by, you guessed it, James Holzhauer during his seventh game, according to fan site "The Jeopardy Fan!"

The only other contestant in the game show's history to hit $2 million in regular-season play was Ken Jennings, who racked up $2,520,700 during his wild streak of 74 consecutive wins. 

It seemed like no one would ever top that, then "Jeopardy James" entered the scene. His impressive run with huge single-game winnings has captivated fans of the show. 

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Holzhauer is on pace to hit Jennings' all-time record in half as many games. 

"The Jeopardy Fan" website predicted that at his current average, Holzhauer will pass Jennings on June 3. 

As of May 24, "Jeopardy James" is now just $455,165 shy of that mark.