TOKYO, Japan — A mobile mosque will be rolled out at the Olympics in Tokyo this summer to allow athletes and visitors who are Muslim to have an appropriate place to pray.

Reuters reports the modified truck includes a fully-equipped 48-square-meter prayer room that opens up in the back. The truck also has outdoor water taps for pre-worship cleaning.

There were 105 mosques across the entire country of Japan at the end of 2018, Reuters reported, citing an investigation by Waseda University. That does not provide a lot of options for Muslims who pray five times a day.

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While the Olympic Village will have designated prayer areas for athletes, there will be a lack of them at some competition venues. Many hotels and public spaces in Japan also do not have appropriate prayer areas.

The truck will be set up outside Olympics venues during the Games, which run July 24 - Aug. 9.

The Tokyo Olympics organizing committee told Reuters Wednesday it was still looking at ways to provide appropriate facilities for all religious groups.