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President Trump pokes at Hillary Clinton during Tuesday Tweet storm, Clinton claps back

Trump suggested Hillary Clinton should join the Democratic race for president, and brought up her emails again.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning mockingly suggested that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should once again join the Democratic race for the White House. 

The president suggested she go head-to-head against Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. He then brought up the accusation that Clinton deleted thousands of emails off her server nefariously, referring to one of his campaign's biggest talking points during the 2016 presidential election against then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

Tuesday would have been just another day of tweets that have been the norm at the White House since the president took office, except Hillary replied to the presidents invitation. 

Hours later, Clinton tweeted, "Don't tempt me. Do your Job."

The former Democratic nominee for president's response sent Twitter into a tailspin. 

Some were just confused as to why Trump used the proper noun version of the word Uber. 

And now we wait to see whether Trump tries to fire back at Hillary's comment. 

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