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FDA bans JUUL E-cigarettes

JUUL E-cigarettes cannot prove they are safe for public health. The FDA has now halted manufacturing of the product.

TEMPLE, Texas — The FDA has ordered Juul to pull their brand of electronic cigarettes off the market due to the lack of evidence that would show the product helps the publics.

They determined that the toxicological reports were insufficient.

In order to pass, it would not be easy to get hooked on, and it would allow adults to break their addiction to cigarettes. 

The report from the FDA also states this only pertains to the commercial distribution, importation and retail sales of these products, and does not restrict individual consumer possession or use.

Dr. Riess at A&M Central Texas University says this is a step in the right direction.

"I'm hoping this move will help us focus on all of the different vaping companies and get the word out that this is not a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking," she said.

Vape shops took Juuls' electronic cigarettes off the shelves three years before this decision.

Don Rodriguez, the owner of Valour Vapor in Temple Texas, said it is because the way Juul was changing, and the accessibility to teens.

"Not only did we let them go as vape shops the major whole sellers in the US let them go," Rodriguez said.

He added that vape shops like his have strict FDA regulations, from what products are put on the shelves, to who comes in to buy from them.

This, he says, keeps teenagers out and enables every person who purchases from them the ability to buy quality products. 

"We have to have every single customers name," he said. "When the FDA comes in and they say hey let me see your log books, if you don't have your log books then you're in a bind."

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