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To rename or not, that is the question on Fort Hood Street

City council members in Killeen weighed in Tuesday to decide whether Fort Hood Street should be renamed to Fort Cavazos Street.

KILLEEN, Texas — The Killeen City Council brought up the idea to rename Fort Hood St. on Jan. 3. 

The council had motioned to table the conversation until they all had the chance to speak with business owners on the street. 

Fort Hood, the military base is set to be renamed by Jan. 1, 2024 to Fort Cavazos. This federal decision has no say over what happens with Fort Hood Street, so it is up to city officials to make the change on the street.

If the change is made, Fort Hood St. would become Fort Cavazos St.

Some business owners on Fort Hood St. feel the change would set them back financially, or they would lose their loyal customers because of the switch.

"If they bring a new street, it might mean, 'oh there's a new street so there's a new hotel'," Manager of Stratus Suites, Camela Ramos, said.

Ramos added that people still associate her business with the old hotel that used to be there and wasn't run as well, but the possibility of a new street name could mean that goes away.

Ramesh Ramchandani, owner of New York Fashions, feels as though changing the name of the street would only help him lose customers.

"It will cost me time to get them to know where this street is located," Ramchandani said.

Victoria Traore, the owner of Bella African Market, is opening a new lounge next to the market. Everything she's put into it with advertising and new menus has the Fort Hood address.

On top of this, if the address were to change, Traore would have to reapply for her liquor license and redo other paperwork that takes time and money.

"We have to go back down the line and do everything again," she said.

Traore said she understands the reason for wanting to change the street and respects it, but it doesn't help her business.

"I just would like some help financially, or for them to help business owners impacted by this in some way," she added.

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