A group of Central Texans, upset after ordering from an online boutique that didn't deliver the products or services it promised, is warning others to be wary of the Flossy Posse boutique.

Customers as far as San Antonio shared stories of their bad experiences with the owner.

Kelsey Barron, a mother of two, said all she wanted from her husband this Christmas was a designer handbag.

Barron said she knew the owner of Flossy Posse, who claimed to sell authentic, designer bags that would usually cost around $2,000 each for just $400. 

But Barron said when her order arrived, she soon realized the bags were fakes. She said she immediately called the owner to demand a refund.

"[The owner] said, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe this. This has never happened. All of my customers have been happy. It's real,'" Barron said.

Barron later took to social media to vent about her frustrations. That's when others started to share their Flossy Posse experiences.

Dena Light said she paid the owner $300 for what she believed was a legitimate microblading eyebrow treatment, but left with a damaged face.

Flossy Posse Eyebrow

"I was terribly upset," Light said. "I cried. It was awful... It may sound vain but it's your face you're messing with, and you can't hide your eyebrows."

The Flossy Posse website has since been removed.

Waco police said so far, no one has filed a complaint with them; however, Barron said she plans to press charges.

"I hope that girl is not able to sell a piece of gum after this," Barron said.

When Channel 6 reporter Jasmin Caldwell reached out the Flossy Posse owner. The owner said she was in the hospital and wanted to apologize to those who think she did something wrong.