All felony and misdemeanor charges against State Rep. Dawnna Dukes (D-Austin) have been dropped after an order of dismissal was filed Monday.

"I am so grateful to district 46. They have stuck with me since the beginning -- believed me when I said at the very beginning of this that I was not guilty. And today I am exonerated of every single one of those charges," Dukes told KVUE in an interview Monday night.

WATCH: RAW: State Rep. Dawnna Dukes speaks to KVUE about dropped charges

This comes several months after Dukes was accused of abusing public office. A grand jury indicted Dukes on 13 felony charges and two misdemeanor charges earlier this year.

District Attorney Margaret Moore released the following statement:

District attorney statement after felony charges against Rep. Dawnna Dukes dropped by kvuenews on Scribd

Dukes' attorney released the following statement:

Dawnna has been through a tremendous ordeal. She was wrongfully indicted and publicly disdained. She could have avoided it all by resigning from office, but she knew she was innocent and she had the courage to see it through. Now she can get back to the important work of serving her constituents.

Dukes said she does plan on running for reelection but has new ideas that she would like to work on during the next legislative session.