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Waco Congressman Pete Sessions speaks out on Former President Donald Trump's rally

The City of Waco expects 15,000 attendees, but there could be even more.

WACO, Texas — History is being made in Waco as Former President Donald Trump kicks off the first rally of his 2024 presidential campaign on Saturday, March 25. 

The rally will be held at the Waco Regional Airport.  

Attendees can start arriving at 8 a.m. for the rally, gates open at noon, program activities are slated to begin at 2 p.m. and Trump will be expected at 5 p.m. Rock guitarist Ted Nugent is even slated to perform the Star Spangled Banner ahead of Trump's address.

The City of Waco expects 15,000 attendees, but U.S. Congressman for Texas 17th Pete Sessions expects even more. 

"We expect about five or six thousand maybe a little bit more people," Sessions said. "It is going to be crowded."

The crowd can expect a day full of events.

"It will offer people an opportunity as an all day event to come and mingle and talk and begin building their ideas about, yes politics, but about our future, America's future and their children's future," Sessions said. "The plane will land. The President will be greeted as he gets off the plane and the President will go and make his remarks."

Sessions says Trump's main remarks will go hand in hand with economic opportunity. 

"We disagree with the direction the country is headed, but with an agreement that we believe we ought to go back to allowing Texans and the country to succeed, have jobs and be successful for a future and that's the message that all Republican candidates, but in particular President Trump, will bring," Sessions said. 

Sessions encourages everyone to come out.

"I've been a member of Congress," Sessions said. "I've been around this a lot. It would be good for normal families and people to see how someone takes time to come sell their ideas, their message and to gather the response from the crowd."

Tickets are first come, first serve and they are still available. To get tickets, click here

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