KILLEEN, Texas — Close to 1,000 people are expected to travel to Bell County in the coming weeks for an event all about embracing yourself, your health, and your natural hair

Luvina Sabree is hard at work preparing for the Armed Forces 8th annual Natural Hair and Health Expo, a cause long close to her heart. 

"It's important for us to learn what our true beauty actually looks like. Over the years we've been taught that straight hair or long hair is the only form of beauty, but we've witnessed that's not the only form of beauty," said Sabree.

The event is the largest natural hair expo in Central Texas and draws in close to 1,000 attendees from all over. The event will feature a product swap, free gift bags, a natural hair and fashion show, workshops, panels and hands on instructional classes. 

Aevin Dugas, the Guinness World Record Holder for World's Largest Afro, will also be in attendance. Sabree hopes it serves as a safe and powerful space for all.  

"I want to empower women and I want them to empower their daughters that their hair is beautiful the way that it is and the way that it naturally comes out of their head," said Sabree.

With Killeen so close to Fort Hood the expo will also have a class on wearing natural hair in the military and a panel discussion on natural hair in the workplace and the ban on natural hair discrimination in the workplace happening around the country.

"They want to know more about their hair, what products to use, how to maintain their hair so this event is something that is really needed in this area," said Sabree.

The event will take place October 27th from 11am to 6pm at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center. Tickets for the event are 15 dollars in advance and 20 dollars at the door. For more information or ways to get involved visit go here

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