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Migrant from El Salvador dies while in Border Patrol custody, authorities say

When the Eagle Pass Fire Department arrived, they determined the man passed away.

EAGLE PASS, Texas — A migrant from El Salvador died while in Border Patrol Agents' custody, a press release sent by U.S. Customs and Border Protection says.

On Monday, BPA's assigned to the Eagle Pass South Border Patrol Station began tracking a group of migrants. Around nine hours later, authorities found seven migrants, apprehending them. Several others reportedly took off.

Soon after, BPAs apprehended five more migrants, including the man from El Salvador. The man was initially handcuffed together with two other migrants using two sets of handcuffs.

"The man reportedly became unruly and was causing discomfort to the other two individuals to whom he was attached. When BPAs removed the handcuffs to separate him from the others, he attempted to escape, running a short distance before being apprehended again by BPAs," the release says.

BPAs restrained him and placed him on the hood of a nearby Border Patrol vehicle. BPAs placed two other migrants on the front bumper, and two in the back of the car, and drove back to the location where the first group was apprehended to wait for a transport vehicle, authorities said.

When the Border Patrol transport vehicle arrived around one hour later, BPAs discovered the man was unresponsive.

Authorities said the BPAs began chest compressions and requested emergency medical services. When the Eagle Pass Fire Department arrived, they determined the man passed away.

The release says the incident is being reviewed. 

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