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VERIFY: Answering your COVID vaccine questions

There is no difference between the first and second doses of the vaccine. You should not mix vaccines. And you don't have to have the vaccine to travel.

HOUSTON — The VERIFY Team is committed to answering your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. The following questions were submitted to us by viewers.

QUESTION: “Is the second dose of the COVID vaccine different than the first dose?”

ANSWER: No. The manufacturers say both doses are exactly the same from a chemical and dosage standpoint. The first serves as a primer and the second as a booster.

QUESTION: “If I got the Moderna vaccine in my first dose, does that mean my second dose should also be made by Moderna?"

ANSWER: Yes. The CDC says the vaccines are not interchangeable. The safety of mixing them hasn't been studied. The CDC says that the vaccines should be mixed only in extremely rare exception situations like when the first dose vaccine product cannot be determined.

QUESTION: “Do you have to have a COVID-19 vaccination before you can travel by car to another state?"

ANSWER: No. Right now, there are no vaccine requirements for U.S. residents traveling across state lines or by air after traveling abroad.