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Why is there a spike in COVID-19 cases in McLennan County? | Verify

6 News looks into what is causing a steady spike in the county throughout the month of November.

WACO, Texas — Throughout November, McLennan County daily case numbers are hitting triple digits more often than not.

We are verifying: Why the spike in cases?

Our sources are the COVID-19 dashboard for McLennan County and Kelly Craine with the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District.

When looking at the charts you will see a steady rise in tests administered in October and November. 

According to Craine, surge testing has been happening since October.

"This increased testing has gone on for, you know, over a month and a half now. What we really started seeing an increase in cases was the Wednesday after Halloween," Craine said. 

This can be seen in the data, even with increased testing we really did not see a spike in positive tests until November. This is the same for the seven day rolling average positivity rate. 

"You know you have over 200 cases and maybe 80 or 50 of them are from surge. There are a lot of people getting tested through other outlets because they are sick and they have symptoms," Craine said. 

While more cases can be caught by more testing, it is misleading not to look at the full picture as we have seen positive cases and seven day rolling positivity average continue to rise this month.

"Yesterday we had 88 hospitalizations and that is the highest number we've had in McLennan County at this point, so we're not only seeing an increase in cases, we're also seeing an increase in hospitalizations and that is very concerning to us," Craine said. 

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