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VERIFY: Why is it taking Nevada so long to be called?

The world is waiting for one state to post its unofficial results. If Nevada's electoral votes go to Joe Biden, he may be the country's next president.

Election Day ended with a cliffhanger, and since then, Republicans and Democrats have been left suspended, refreshing their browsers waiting for the final five states to be called.

With Joe Biden short by six electoral votes, the exact amount held by Nevada, Democrats are keen for the state to deliver Biden a victory. 

Nevada has become an internet spectacle, as people passive-aggressively mock its election officials for what seems like a long delay in results. 

So, what is going on with Nevada?

Our source of information is the Nevada Secretary of State. 

In Nevada, the Secretary of State is in charge of supervising state and local elections and certifying results. Their office is divided into eight divisions, one of which, is the Elections Division.

Nearing midnight on November 3, the division tweeted that results were coming "very soon," and that they were waiting for the last voters in line to cast their ballots.

By 12:04 a.m. EST, state officials gave the all-clear that the final voters had cast their ballots.

At 5:45 a.m EST., they tweeted that all in-person early votes, in-person Election Day votes, and mail-in ballots through November 2 had been counted, but there was still more to go through.

About 11 hours later, Nevada's Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, released an FAQ page about their post-election process. 

As to why it's taking Nevada so long to count, they said, it's actually going as planned.

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"The counting of ballots in Nevada is proceeding at the expected pace," they wrote. "The timeline for counting ballots in Nevada comes from the legislatively approved process, and this process dictates that all properly received ballots will continue to be counted for up to nine days after the election."

The release, published at 4:38 p.m. said that at that time, mail-in ballots received on or after Election Day-- and ballots cast by people who registered day of -- still needed to be counted. In Nevada, those who register on Election Day by same-day registration must vote provisionally.

Unofficial results are currently posted on their website and are updated daily around 9:00 am PT starting November 5. Though, they note, "one-off updates may occur from time-to-time."

So if unofficial results have already been posted, why hasn't the state been 'called?'

As of 12:30 EST, President Trump trailed Joe Biden by less than a margin of 1%. Biden took in 603,807 votes, or 49.45% and Trump's tally hit 592,020 votes, or 48.48%.

Credit: Silver State 2020 Election Results/ Nevada Secretary of State
As of 12:30 p.m. EST, Joe Biden was leading in Nevada by a margin of less than 1 percent.

State officials said Wednesday, they do not know how many more ballots still need to be counted.

"This number is unknown at this time," reads a FAQ page released by the Nevada Secretary of State.

"Many counties received a large volume of mail ballots on Election Day, either dropped off at a ballot drop-off location or delivered via USPS, and the ballots are being sorted and processed today. An update on ballots remaining to be counted will be provided when the information becomes available."

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In Clark County, officials are taking a lot of heat. 

On Thursday, Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria said during a 10:0am PT press conference that 63,262 ballots remain to be counted, and that about 51,000 would be counted Thursday and reported by Friday morning.

He says they hope that the bulk of the mail ballots that have been received will be reported by Saturday or Sunday.

"It's important that everybody understand that there are also additional ballots that are pending outside of what I just described," Gloria said.

He described provisional ballots that were cast during early voting and on Election Day, ballots cast by voters who were ID-required, ballots postmarked by November 3 and ballots with either a signature missing or the signature doesn't match the signature in their system.

Here are the important Nevada deadlines to keep in mind:

  • November 10 (5 p.m):  Mail-in ballots postmarked on or before Election Day must be received.
  • November 12 (5 p.m.)- For voters who had an issue with the signature on their ballot, this is the deadline to resolve that issue and provide a signature confirmation. 
  • November 12- Mail-in ballots counted.
  • November 16- The deadline by which the canvass of the vote must start. It can start before, as well.

"Until the canvass of the voter occurs, reported election results are unofficial," the Secretary of State said.

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