Whoever broke into a Massachusetts man's home last week didn't take a thing...

They did, however, leave the house spotless.

It was the end of a busy day, Nate Roman and his son just got back to their home in Marlborough when they found their door unlocked, "Immediately when I walk in, I could tell just something's off. I could smell the cleaning chemicals.",

Someone had been inside his home.

And it was cleaned from top to bottom.

Roman added, "The bathroom had been cleaned and everything was scrubbed."

His living room, side room... both left immaculate.

"And that just sent a chill down my spine. Like, woah that was not like that", expressed Roman.

And upstairs his son's space… also cleaned.

Roman, "I started freaking out a little. I see my bedroom is the same way. Made my bed arranged all my things."

And while nothing was taken or broken the intruder... or intruders... did leave something behind... they left beautifully crafted roses made of toilet paper. Toilet paper art as you world expect to see during a stay at a luxury resort or fine hotel.

Roman thinks maybe professional cleaners went to the wrong house.

Police are still investigating but right now have no suspects, just one witness.

"This is the only witness to the events of that day. He's been staying pretty quiet", Roman still a bit shaken, points at their pet lizard.

Roman explains how he feels, "Extremely creepy just to know that someone was in your house."

He just wants some answers.

Local police say the department hasn't heard of similar episodes, and at this point they have no suspects.