TEMPLE, Texas — Jazzercise is a world-wide phenomenon that recently celebrated 50 years of keeping people moving-- but it's not the leotard and leg warmer picture you might have in your head.

“I would ask everyone to ditch your preconceived notion of what you think Jazzercise is because it’s probably not what you think it is," Terri Manning, a Jazzercise instructor with 25 years of experience, said.

Manning said she believes the workout is still popular because it has never stayed the same.

"To stay relevant you had to change over the years," Manning said. "Keep up with the industry standards and when it changed we changed. You can't expect a program to stay relevant if they don’t change."

Jazzercise has multiple classes to choose from, including standard dance classes that consist of 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength training while targeting arms, legs, core and bottoms.

There are also high intensity interval training and fusion classes that can involve a lot of dancing or barely any at all. 

And no, you don’t have to know how to dance to Jazzercise.

"You’re not expected to be a dancer; you're expected to have fun," Manning said.

Julie Martin, a committed jazzerciser of ten years, agreed.  

“I love it so much! It is so much fun! It’s my favorite thing I do all day and I look forward to it all day,” Martin.

Martin said Jazzercise motivates her to live a healthier life. 

“I don’t like to exercise and it’s a fun way to exercise," Martin said. "It’s a fun way to gain muscle. I don’t like to lift weights but we have to in Jazzercise and so it makes me do that and it makes me want to eat right because I don’t want to waste that time exercising and ruin it on food."

So I tried it out! We danced-- or I “tried’ to dance-- to hit music from the artists like Lady Gaga, Maroon Five and Bruno Mars. I didn’t know all the steps, but I did work up a sweat. And in the end, Manning was right. I had a lot of fun!

Jazzercise in Temple has monthly specials going on right now so it's the perfect time to give it a try. Contact them here!