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Your Garden: How to attract butterflies

Butterflies are not only beautiful and they add color to our yards, but they are also an important pollinator. NEWS CENTER's Cindy Williams talks with Terry Skillin

FALMOUTH, Maine — Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a butterfly flutter by in your yard? You’ll attract more of them by planting certain types of plants. Most people are familiar with Butterfly Bushes. They really do draw butterflies. But there are some flowers that are favorites.

Terry Skillins of Skillin’s Greenhouses shares some that he chooses to have in his yard:  

  • Coneflower
  • Milkweeds of various varieties. Butterflies will cocoon and feed on these so they are important to have around.
  • Liatris or Blazing Sat plant. These provide vertical lines and spiky flowers that butterflies love.
  • Joe Pye Weed. Really great if you have space to fill in your garden because they grow really tall.

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